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July 8, 2024

Solar Learning Centre

“Our electricity bill was slashed by half.” – How Carol from Bringelly Saved with Penrith Solar Centre

Our installation crews are rock stars. This isn’t a bias, it’s a statement of fact. Whenever we get a chance to shine a spotlight on their work, we do.

We take immense pride in their professionalism. And while we don’t like to brag (much), we love it when a happy customer does on our behalf.

Carol from Bringelly recently sat down with our crew to share her experience with Penrith Solar Centre. Here’s what she had to say:

“Penrith Solar Centre is an Installer Recommended by Electricians”

Oh, hi! My name is Carol, and I live at Bringelly. We were deciding after receiving our last electricity bill, as it kept increasing, that perhaps we should look into solar power for cheaper electricity bills and greener energy. Quite a few of our friends had invested in solar energy and highly recommended it, so we thought we might as well go down the same path.

We weren’t too sure which company to choose, so we asked our electrician. He’s from Penrith, and he recommended Penrith Solar Centre to us. They went through everything and recommended the 11.88kW solar system for our property. We were happy with their professionalism, their knowledge, and their expertise.

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“Penrith Solar Centre Explained Everything We Need to Know About Solar Panels and Batteries”

After sending our information to them, we visited their showroom at Penrith. A young gentleman showed us around the showroom and explained everything we needed to know about panels and batteries. He even took us upstairs where they train the installers and explained the total installation process for different roofs, including our tile roof and metal roofs.

We were suitably impressed and decided to go with Penrith Solar Centre. A gentleman came out for a site inspection and confirmed that our house, facing north, was suitable for solar. We had one concern because our house is 40 years old, and we were worried about potential damage to the tiles. He gave us a list of companies with their names and addresses, suggesting we might need a minimum of 15 tiles. As it turned out, only one tile was damaged during the installation.

The electrician went through everything, including the documentation for the handover, and explained the solar box. One of the best parts was the app. He showed us how each individual panel produces electricity and how much goes back into the grid. We love checking the app on sunny days to see how much power we are producing. My husband even breaks into the Beatles’ song “Here Comes the Sun” on good days.

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“We Know Penrith Solar Centre is Just a Phone Call Away”

We’ve changed quite a few things now. We run the dishwasher and washing machine during the day when we are producing electricity. Our swimming pool filter, which was on during the night, is now on during the day, as well as our electric pump on our dam. Our first electricity bill afterward was slashed by half. That was really good. Fine-tuning it more, I suppose it could come down even less with some better use of electricity in the house.

There were no hiccups whatsoever, and we know that if we have any problems or issues, they are only a phone call away. Definitely yes, we’ve recommended Penrith Solar Centre to quite a few of our friends. I was talking to someone who had recently gotten solar and was a little disappointed. After we told them about our experience, they said they wished they had gone through Penrith Solar Centre.

We were pleased with their professionalism, efficiency, friendliness, and fantastic job.

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Our installation crews, sales team, and office staff all have electricians in their ranks. We’re a company of sparkies through and through, and how we do one thing is how we do everything: to the very best of our ability.

A group of people posing in front of a building at Penrith Solar Centre.

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