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Solar has never been more affordable, now with true 0% interest and no fees.

How does Nectr’s 0% interest work?

NECTR is offering true interest free finance with your solar & battery purchase, with absolutely no hidden fees or kickbacks.

NECTR aims to retain you as their electricity customer by offering to lock in today’s competitive electricity rates for 5 years. This way, you can benefit from stable pricing, even if the market rates increase in the future. If you decide to terminate your agreement with NECTR and switch to another provider, you can do so by paying off the loan, without any additional fees or penalties. If you’re interested in learning more about NECTR’s outstanding offer, please click the “get a quote” button to get a solar and battery quote with this incredible offer, that won’t be around forever so talk to us today!

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Who are Nectr?

Nectr is a multi-award-winning energy retailer, offering 100% carbon-neutral energy plans as standard and is backed by a Fortune 500 global company, Hanwha Group.

NECTR offers highly competitive electricity rates that are fixed for the duration of your loan, even if the market prices increase. This makes it a great option for customers with high energy consumption who don’t export much solar energy back to the grid. Additionally, there are no hidden fees or interest charges involved. By signing up with NECTR’s energy plan, you can repay your solar and battery installation over a 5 year period. Moreover, when you purchase a battery, you can join NECTR’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program, which pays a $20 monthly bill credit. While more details about the VPP will be announced later in 2023, participants may have the opportunity to earn additional revenue based on the energy dispatched.

If you want to leave Nectr as your energy retailer, you will be required to pay off the reminder of loan with no exit fees.

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