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November 29, 2022

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Are Solar Panels Worth it?

That’s a sort of sitting-in-the-pub question, and it can be broken down into two questions. Is it worth it financially? Or worth it ecologically?

The answer to both questions is a resounding “yes”, and the two are often wrapped up together. In Australia, the government is keen for homeowners to go solar or find some other way of using electricity in a responsible way.

The Government Thinks it’s Worth it

Check out this link (and then please come back to us). Who knows if the government is interested in this primarily for reasons of economy or ecology? While the population as a whole may be more ecologically-aware than it used to be, there will still be those who don’t see the problem, who think the electricity supply system works fine as it is and believes all the talk about saving the planet isn’t really important.

But, regardless of views, everyone wants to save a few bucks on their household bills, right?

While it would be a pretty draughty house that could justify putting a turbine in the garden to harness the power of the wind, the solar option makes perfect sense for most of us. What have we got to lose, after all? The initial cost investment might be a bit of a challenge, but you may be eligible for a government grant to take the sting out of it. And once the system is up and running, the monthly savings would be a huge help in these difficult times.

How Much Can I Save by Getting Solar Panels?

You could save up to 80% on your electricity bill. It all depends on how much electricity you use, but whatever you save, it’s worth having. If your house runs exclusively on electric power, your bills are likely to be enormous, taking a huge chunk out of your income every month. Imagine if you saved even 25%. Or 50%. Happy days. Money in your pocket, Disposable income. Holidays. School fees. Medical bills taken care of. Having solar panels on your roof could be the sign of a better future in so many ways.

Is it Worth it Ecologically?

Taking the pressure off electricity generating plants is good for the environment. The world has come a long way since the Industrial Revolution, when it was seen as a good thing to have factories belching smoke into the sky. Our ancestors thought it was just dirt and when it floated away and that was the end of it. But eventually many countries saw the light and began to clean up their act.

The companies that generate electricity might not welcome our increasing independence from them, because they will lose money, but they’ve been taking it off us for long enough. And they will find a way to make a living. When email began to replace paper and envelopes and stamps, some feared for the future of the Post Office, but look what happened; we all started ordering things online and getting them delivered. The nature of the business changed, but business people are resourceful and they know they have to change with the times.

Here at Penrith Solar Centre, we are dedicated to helping Australia achieve net zero by 2050 – that means restoring the balance of nature by keeping greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. And your solar power installation in Sydney can help with that.

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Solar Buyers Guide

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