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Safe. Stunning. Superior.

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This is Penrith Solar Centre.

Old school customer service

Attention to detail, accuracy, and aftercare.

It’s no secret that anyone can buy a microinverter or a tier-one panel.

The real secret to what we do is behind closed doors.

The hours and hours of training and practise.

The attention to detail that you’ll find from our showroom to your roof.

The accuracy of our inhouse solar athletes and design team.

And of course, our aftercare, real humans who will never leave you in the dark.

Experience the Penrith Solar Difference

Enphase Microinverters only.

No strings attached.

As Australia's largest suppliers of Enphase Micro Inverters, we only sell what we’d be proud to put on our own roof.

At Penrith Solar Centre, we’ve made a conscious decision to never install another string inverter ever again. We’ve worked with Enphase since 2017 and have exclusively installed microinverters since 2020. We install so many microinverters that if we divided our volume in half, we’d still be the first and second largest installers of micros in Australia.

Enphase microinverters are the smartest, safest, and most reliable inverters in the world. As a company grown by electricians, we truly understand the unparalleled value of Enphase microinverters and that’s why you’ll never catch us quoting a string inverter ever again.

Get Enphase with Penrith Solar Centre

But don't just take our word for it

"The guys from Penrith Solar were great. From discussions regarding Powerwall through to installation, they were completely professional."
John Vaughan
"Great experience with Penrith Solar, right from the first phone call. Peter the sales associate was very informative and patient with my queries without being pushy."
Naquee Solman
"I received a quote but was mostly impressed by the professionalism & honest advice from the consultant Elliott ... Thanks Elliott!"
John Wilkinson
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Solar fit for an architect

Aesthetics that make any roof look good.

At Penrith Solar, our solar systems are not only safe and reliable, but are distinctively designed with a sleek black-on-black look that will make any roof look great.

Become proud of your roof

Our in-house installation training facility

One of the greatest assets we have at Penrith Solar Centre is undoubtedly our Steven Cannon Training Facility. The training facility is used to ensure our team is trained in the best controlled environment possible before facing the real challenges on site.

The training facility is headed by our head of technical training, Robert Ware, whose sole job is to coach and mentor our talented apprentices and tradespeople. It’s helps us maintain our meticulously high standards.

What does this mean for you? It guarantees that it’s never anyone’s first installation on your home and that the quality of your installation will be second to none.

Experience the Penrith Solar difference today

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Sunlight travels 150 million kilometres to get to you. Don't let that journey go to waste.

For a premium solar product AND leading comprehensive service, look no further than Penrith Solar Centre.
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130A Batt Street, Jamisontown NSW 2750
Ph: 1800 20 29 30
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Solar Buyers Guide

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