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Solar Panel Mounting Systems

Quality Solar Panel Mounting System In Sydney

Installing solar panels in Sydney is a long-term investment that can require a significant amount of money. It’s essential, therefore, that the panels are installed securely because they should be in place for many years and there have to be no concerns about system safety. Penrith Solar Centre is your choice of solar installer in Sydney, with thousands of 5-stars reviews and countless awards from the industry, making us the trusted seller and the leadingsolar company in Sydney.

To ensure a proper installation, a high-quality solar panel mounting system is necessary. This will not only make the installation process much quicker and simpler, but it will also ensure the panels remain securely in place for the duration of their useful life.

A solar panel with a metal rod attached to it.

Various Solar Rackings In Sydney For Multiple Uses

Most residential and commercial solar panels are roof-mounted since this makes use of space that would otherwise be wasted. This, however, ideally requires that the roof is north facing for best results. Commercial wind farms are becoming more common, and these are often at ground level since the orientation of multiple panels is not limited to the direction the roof faces.

We offer a variety of solar racking that is flexible in its application and totally reliable in use for both roof and ground mounting. Our solar panel roof mounting components comprise parallel (flush on roof) or tilt frame racking that can be fitted to tin, tiled or concrete sheet roofs with wood, steel or other metal structures beneath. They, therefore, suit a variety of roof styles and are sufficiently versatile to ensure that a large number of different solar panel mounting methods need not be carried, saving on stock costs for installers. They’re also fully modular in concept to enable multiple panels to be installed together in any desired configuration and have channels and openings to route cabling neatly and securely.

Ground solar panel mounting systems are designed for varying soil conditions and types of terrain. All racking is fully anodised or otherwise treated so that it is weather resistant in even the most extreme of conditions and will not corrode. They all comply with Australian and New Zealand wind loading standards and we can even supply components that are approved for areas that are prone to cyclones.

Reliable Solar Panel Mounting System: Nothing But The Best

We’re fully confident in the quality, reliability and durability of our solar mounting systems to the extent that we use the same ones when installing residential and commercial systems. They all have long-term warranties and will easily outlast the solar panels they hold in place.

Because we use these mounting systems, we know they’re easy and quick to install and are extremely adaptable for different styles and sizes of panels. They have supreme strength to weight ratios and so can handle large panels across wide spans.

All our solar panel mounting systems are Australian designed and manufactured by people who are experienced in solar installation and understand what is needed, so they are more than capable of dealing with local conditions that can be extreme. They result from many years of development, innovation and adaptation to changing needs, saving on installation time and requiring no maintenance. We trust them because we use them and so can highly recommend them for everyone.

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