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Solar Panels Castle Hill

Installing solar panels in Castle Hill can be a big investment. But it also has the potential to save you a lot of money over the life of the panels. This is particularly important as energy prices continue to rise and, since the panels will be installed for a long time, you need to be sure you make the right choice. Penrith Solar Centre is your choice of solar panel installer in Sydney, with thousands of 5-stars reviews and countless awards from the industry, making us the trusted solar retailer and the leadingsolar company in Sydney.

Getting The Best Solar Panel Installation In Castle Hill

There are a lot of companies out there making plenty of claims about the solar panels they supply. At Penrith Solar Centre, we want to help you cut through the noise and ensure you make the best choice by installing high-quality panels in Castle Hill that will give optimum performance at an affordable price.

A truck parked in front of a house with solar panels on the roof.

Choosing Your Solar Panel Installer In Castle Hill

Because of the many options available, choosing solar panels can be difficult. It’s tempting to simply buy the cheapest but that’s not a good idea because they’ll generally be poor quality and won’t perform as required.

Many factors affect the price of solar panels, including the size, capacity, quality and durability. When choosing the most suitable ones, consider several factors:

  • Whether they’re produced by a reputable, top tier manufacturer that invests heavily in research and development, has long experience in producing panels, completes the process internally rather than outsourcing and makes extensive use of automation, particularly robotics.
  • The stated level of potential induced degradation (PID) and light-induced degradation (LID). Both of these can, over time, reduce the power output of the panels.
  • A panel’s tolerance, which indicates its ability to meet its stated power rating. Quality issues can reduce a panel’s tolerance while high-quality panels will have a positive tolerance, so they are likely to meet or even exceed the stated power rating.
  • Efficiency in converting light into energy, which will determine how quickly the panel repays its initial cost and its relative value for money.
  • The temperature co-efficient, which is important in Australia’s hot conditions since a low rating will indicate an ability to operate efficiently despite extreme heat.
  • The expected life and durability of each panel. Good quality panels will perform well for more than twenty five years and reputable manufacturers will provide a warranty that matches that period.

Panels are made from three types of material. Amorphous or thin film versions tend to be the cheapest but are less efficient and not recommended. Monocrystalline silicon types are highly efficient while polycrystalline ones are now the most popular due to their many advantages.

Helping You Choose Your Solar Installer In Castle Hill

You need to acquire solar panels that have the capacity you require to generate adequate electricity. You also need panels of the correct size to fit the space available. These will ideally go on a north-facing roof although west-facing panels will also do the job. We use our own CEC-accredited solar installers technicians to make sure quality is always consistent and that you don’t have to jump through any tedious hoops to contact us.

More than anything, you want quality panels that are installed correctly and will perform well for a long time. We aim to help you achieve all that, so we’ll give you all the help and advice you’ll need to make the right choice. And you can be sure your panels will perform perfectly for a very long time, backed up by manufacturers’ warranties and our continuing customer service to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

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