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Solar Panels Camden

On a mission to revolutionise how solar energy solutions are received, our team at Penrith Solar Centre are dedicated to providing the greatest renewable energy source in a simple way.

Solar energy has become many households preferred energy source as it is extremely cost efficient, cost effective and most importantly, a sustainable energy source. With more Australians becoming conscious of the effects of their lifestyle on the environment, we are noticing more and more solar panels, especially in Camden.  

Solar power uses energy from the sun in the form of DC energy. This DC energy is then converted via a solar inverter to AC energy, and AC energy is what we use in our households. We make sure the products we supply from certified brands to make sure our technology is up to date and is able to produce sufficient amounts of energy. With experience in the industry and numerous electrical qualifications and certifications, we are the leading company for solar panels in Camden.

Penrith Solar Centre are bridging the gap between retailers and installers, making Camden residents more accessible to installing solar panels.

Providing solar panel solutions since 2017, we know exactly what’s needed when it comes to solar in the Camden region. This area is a fairly sunny area, meaning you can expect plenty of output of solar in Camden. Solar panels are the most important part of any solar power system, so having those installed properly is crucial. We make sure the solar power solution and solar panel is one that suits you, and is installed correctly.

A truck parked in front of a house with solar panels on the roof.

We uphold a very selective process in the choice of product supply, making sure we are paired with only the most trusted brands. Camden solar panels are becoming extremely popular, and our team are dedicated to providing only the best solar solutions.

Our team is familiar with Camden solar panel installations, and our aim is to provide expert knowledge and application when it comes to solar panels. The team of experts take their time to closely work with you and understand how you use energy, and which of our solutions would be suitable for you. We are up to date with the latest technology, to ensure each of our clients receive a solar solution that fits your specific needs.

Leave it to the experts, and let us take care of the hard stuff. We work closely with clients to ensure they have a smooth journey of installing Solar panels in Camden. Not only does our support occur during installation, but also after-sale too. Throughout your solar energy journey, we help you keep an eye on things.

Make the switch to renewable energy and install a solar panel in your Camden home or business. Our team of dedicated professionals pride themselves on a commitment to clients, educating clients and creating a more sustainable lifestyle for all.

Penrith Solar Centre hope to deliver a message and complete their mission of helping Camden locals produce, store and consume their solar energy.

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