June 21, 2021

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Why A Commercial Solar System Is a Must Have for Any Business

The end of financial year is fast approaching, and many business owners would be assessing their finances to determine how they can get their tax bill as low as possible. Rather than paying a large sum to the government, take the time to invest the funds directly into your business with a PSC system.

Not only does solar energy improve your business’ environmental sustainability, but it can also improve your overall running costs. With the full range of benefits a commercial solar system can bring you, it’s time to get educated so you can Produce, Store and Consume.

Completely Tax Deductible

If you are currently running a small business, you are able to install a commercial solar system using the government incentive and instantly write-off up to $150,000. With this upfront deduction, you are sure to see a significantly reduced payable tax.

Increased Return of Investment

With a uniquely designed solar system for your business, when sized properly to your business’ usage this can offer a very fast return on investment. Why and how? With your new system in place, you’re covering a large percentage of your energy demands. Plus, the other side to this is you’re paying a fraction of what you previously were.

Decreased Business Risk

By including a solar system into your business plan, you have officially reduced a large business risk – utility bills. Unfortunately, they are ever changing with rates increasing yearly. With the introduction of solar, you have reduced your overall electricity bill and need to rely on energy providers. You have your very own source of energy sitting on your roof, providing constantly.

Energy When You Need It

For many businesses, their operating hours are generally within daylight, right when your solar solutions are at their highest productive state. That means that during this time all your energy needs will be sourced for free, straight from your very own solar system.  

Are you a business that operates out of daylight hours? You can still provide energy solutions for your operations with the addition of a Tesla Powerwall battery. Also, batteries are able to give your business reassurance that if there was a power outage, you’re fully covered and able to continue work without falling behind.

Feed in Tariffs 

With solar energy, you have the opportunity to feed energy back to the tariff when the energy being produced by your solar panels is not being used. This means that during weekends, public holidays and Christmas breaks, all the energy that is being produced will be fed back to the tariff providing you with money in your pocket. When you produce more than you use, this goes straight back to your energy provider and is shown as a credit on your next energy bill.


At Penrith Solar Centre, we believe that investing in a commercial solar power system for your business is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a business owner. Make the most of tax season and contact the Penrith Solar Centre team today.

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Solar Buyers Guide

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