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May 23, 2022

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Solar Panel Price in Sydney 2023

Technically, you won’t necessarily have to pay too much for a solar panel installation in Sydney. You might see prices just under $3,500 and think it’s a steal. However, if you buy solar for that price, you might find yourself doing it again in just a handful of years! 

How much does it cost to Install Solar in Sydney?

Solar energy isn’t the cheapest, but that’s why experts always recommend leaning in rather than trying to cut corners. After all, solar energy quality varies wildly with price, even more than most other industries. If you want a long-lasting, efficient, reliable system that won’t pester you with repairs every few months, you won’t find it on the lower end of the spectrum. 

As of current, a high quality 6kW solar system typically starts at $10,990, with the finest quality panels, inverters and installations. You may see flashy deals for the ‘best’ 6.6kW system starting at $3,999, but these systems utilise products that won’t even last 5 years, and definitely won’t unlock maximum savings on your energy bill.  

You might be wondering: What would you be paying for? What does paying more offer? Where, if anywhere, can I cut costs? Below is a breakdown of where your energy costs will be coming from and how you can manage them wisely.  

Price Breakdown

Solar Panels: This is the biggest question, usually. How much do solar panels cost in Sydney? This might surprise you, but the bulk of your costs when going for a solar installation doesn’t actually come from the panels themselves.

The solar panel price in Sydney will vary according to their make, of course; SunPower panels will cost more than certain ‘inferior tier 1’ brands because they’re expected to last much longer, and they allow for peak optimum performance of your system.

Every kW added is more panels, more microinverters, miscellaneous installation equipment and simply more labour. Typically, a quality 6 kW installation will begin at $10,990, with fluctuations in this price owing to the complexity of the job.

Inverter: You might be tempted to save costs on the inverter. If you do, you might not make that money back! Your inverter converts your solar energy into usable power for your home; the better your inverter, the longer it will last and the more efficiently it will operate. A shoddy inverter will yield you much less power, and that will reduce your energy bill much less.

Higher quality inverters are much more efficient even under poor circumstances like clouds and high heat. We use Enphase microinverters for all of our installations, which allows each individual panel to work on its own. This means that if one panel underperforms, the rest will not be hindered unlike a string-inverter installation.

Installation: Here is where you’ll see a lot of the costs. The cables, wires, and other miscellaneous equipment needed to set up your solar system will cost a couple of thousand at least. You’ll also pay more or less depending on your contractor. Independent contractors often charge more for their services since they’re not selling you the parts. We have our own installers on staff, which means you don’t have to rely on outside contractors.

Penrith Solar Centre has thousands of 5-stars reviews and countless awards from the industry, making us the trusted solar retailer and the leading solar company in Sydney. If you’d like to see how well clean, sustainable energy can go for you, simply reach out for a free quote. If you are interested in other solar products, check out our solution in Tesla solar battery storage or Enphase Micro Inverter System.


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