December 19, 2023

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New Year’s Resolutions for Solar Energy in Australia

December 31st approaches and we make plans for the biggest night of the year. Some of us will go to parties, some might whisper a prayer for the world, a few will get too drunk, and many will make New Year’s resolutions.  

As we step into 2024, it’s a great time to set resolutions that not only benefit us individually but also contribute to the greater good. For Australia, a sun-kissed land of bountiful riches, focusing on resolutions for solar power can pave the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.  

Here are 7 straightforward resolutions that individuals, businesses, and communities can adopt in the new year to harness the power of sunshine and contribute to all of us reaching Net Zero by 2050. 

Resolution #1: Educate Yourself On Solar (With Our Help!)

Everyone has a vague idea of what solar energy is and what solar panels do. I knew very little about it before I started writing about it. There are panels that somehow capture the light from the sun and convert it into electricity for your house. There’s so much more to it than this relatively shallow understanding.  

Make your first resolution about learning. Everyone likes learning once they find the right subject. In this case, you could take an opportunity to learn a bit about saving the world and saving yourself quite a bit of money.  

Learn how harnessing the power of the sun can reduce reliance on fossil fuels (which power the electrical grid) and reduce air pollution (which is slowly cooking humanity alive). By better understanding the broader environmental impact of solar in your global community, you’ll be motivated to pick up that phone or fill out that contact form to get a quote from a reputable solar installer. If only you were reading this on the blog of the best one in Sydney, they might be able to help you find a place to reach out to them.  

It’s not all eco-minded, it’s economic-minded too. The financial rewards of transitioning to solar energy are huge. The long-term savings on electricity bills will quickly give you a return on investment for the cost of your solar system. 

With this in-depth knowledge, you not only empower yourself to make informed decisions but also play a pivotal role in encouraging others within your community to embrace solar. 

To commence this enlightening journey, consider exploring this comprehensive article titled What is Solar Energy? How it Works, How to Use It, and Pros & Cons

Resolution #2: Make A Plan For Solar Power And Energy Conservation 

Solar power and energy-efficient practices are a winning combination. Actually, you really need both to maximise your system and kick those energy bills to the curb. Understanding your energy consumption patterns leads to planning your solar system installation. Understanding your needs is crucial.  

Part of this resolution could be exploring the science behind solar panel placement. If you understand why solar panels can be effective on south-facing roofs, you’ll break free from the notion that only north-facing installations are viable.  

If you understand your energy consumption patterns and needs, you’ll be able to get the best installation for your buck.  

For a deeper understanding and to dispel solar installation myths, check out this article titled Can You Install Solar Panels on a South-facing Roof in Australia? But if you don’t like that one, you could also look at this one titled, Which Way Should Solar Panels Face in Australia? 


Resolution #3: Pull The Trigger And Install Solar Panels 

Consider the huge impact of installing solar panels on your property to generate clean, renewable energy. The decreasing cost of solar panels over the years has made this goal an accessible and achievable investment. Resolve to make the switch. You’ll enjoy the benefits of solar power: saving the planet and saving some money. 

There are nothing but options for you and your home at this point when it comes to solar solutions. A great place to start is this article titled What Are the Benefits of a Microinverter System? 

Resolution #4: Upgrade Your Solar System With Battery Storage 

Level up your microinverter solar system with one of these cutting-edge solar batteries: the Enphase IQ Battery 5P or the Tesla Powerwall 2.  

This resolution is about putting the control over your solar into your hands. The surplus energy generated during the day will then be stored for later use. This guarantees a power supply when the sun goes down or when the grid goes out. Integration of a solar battery into your microinverter system promotes self-sufficiency and resilience during blackouts. 

If this interests you, check out the following article titled 7 Benefits of Adding a Battery to Your Solar System

Resolution #5: Explore Solar Financing Options 

There are some pretty fantastic deals when it comes to interest-free solar and what’s commonly referred to as the Australian government solar rebate.  

There are interest-free options with monthly payments and a guaranteed flat rate per kilowatt hour for your electricity for a fixed period. Take some time with this resolution and evaluate the possibilities it offers as you explore overcoming that initial upfront cost of your system.  

Don’t forget that there are also government incentives and rebates available for solar in Australia. As part of your resolution, read up on the eligibility criteria, application processes, and the potential financial benefits associated with these programs.  

To navigate the landscape of interest-free solar installations, delve into the information shared in the article titled Common Questions About Interest-free Solar.  

If you’re doing a bit of additional reading about finances and solar, you might be interested in the following article titled, How Does the Solar Rebate Work? 


Resolution #6: Commit To Regular Solar System Maintenance 

You have to clean your panels. What’s great about cleaning them on a regular basis (which they might not need, it depends on where you live and how much rain you get to consistently rinse them off) is that you get an opportunity to evaluate their condition on a regular basis.  

A well-maintained solar system operates more efficiently and lasts for the long haul.  

For practical tips on maintaining your solar panels, refer to the article titled How to Clean Solar Panels

Resolution #7: Monitor Your Solar Energy Output

There’s a bit of a learning curve for this one, but don’t worry. If you follow through with resolutions 1 – 6, you’ll be ready for this one when it comes. Probably a bit later in the year. 

You’ll want to make a resolution to monitor your solar system’s output. Mobile apps that provide real-time analytics and performance data are included with every solar system and solar battery we install. This technology will help you understand how to get your solar system operating at peak efficiency.  

Remember when we harped on about understanding your energy needs? Well, understanding your energy patterns when applied to these mobile apps for your system help you to make informed decisions for better performance.  

Make the last part of this final resolution to learn a bit more about your system’s performance. You’ll want to learn about what the metrics on the app mean; from kilowatt-hours generated to efficiency ratios. These metrics provide a view of your system’s performance. This helps you to interpret the data generated by your solar system. 

A Pledge For A Solar-Powered Future 

It is a new year; it is a new day. These resolutions provide a comprehensive roadmap for maximizing the potential of solar technology on your home and in your life.  

By optimizing efficiency, implementing smart energy practices, expanding capacity, staying informed about technological advancements, and educating others, you contribute not only to your solar experience but also to a broader transition towards a sustainable and resilient energy future.  

Here’s to a solar-powered and environmentally conscious 2024, where every resolution brings us closer to a brighter, cleaner future. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the two different pathways you can take to when it comes to equipment, feel free to check out the following article titled, Microinverters vs. String Inverters: An Honest Comparison.  


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