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July 16, 2019

Solar Learning Centre

Let’s Talk Solar Panels

With environmental sustainability advocacy on the rise, solar panels have become a must in a standard home or business. We know you’ve heard all about solar panels before, but what you might now know is what they actually do and how they work. We may add a cheeky recommendation here and there as well.

Let’s get back to basics. A solar panel is essentially designed to convert energy from the sun into workable electricity to assist in running your home or business.

Now, how does a solar panel actually work?

Sunlight is converted to electricity by generating direct current, this direct current (DC) is sent through the inverter, which then converts this into alternating current (AC) for it to be used. Houses that have grid-connect solar systems will use the solar electricity generated first prior to switching to electricity from the main gird. And if there is an excess, it sends it back to the grid. What does this exactly do for you? Well, it saves you A LOT of money!

Do solar panels store solar electricity?

In short, no they don’t. Solar panels alone can not store, only use as and when needed. To have solar electricity stored, you will need to invest in storage batteries. We recommend the Tesla Powerwall (stay tuned for another blog to find out more about this bad boy).

What are the benefits of solar power?

The obvious benefit of solar power is environmental sustainability, but it is more than just an environmentally friendly way to get energy. Check out all the pro’s below:

  • Lower electricity bills
  • Energy independence
  • Renewable and reliable energy source
  • Low maintenance

How do I know which solar panels to choose?

We know there are a myriad of solar panel brands in the market, but here at Penrith Solar Centre, only believe in stocking the top of the line products that won’t fail you. If you are in the market for solar panels, Q.Cells is the way to go. Not only are they high-quality and high-performance solar modules, they have been tried and tested in the harshest of Australian conditions and come out on top, everytime. We know you’re probably more curious about Q.Cells and what makes them, THE BEST, well stay tuned for one of our blogs to come and we will give you an in-depth analysis on this product.

Have we convinced you to get solar? Or have you been curious about it for a while but scared to make the leap? Well, there is no better time than now! Contact us today to discuss our solar options.

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Solar Buyers Guide
Solar Buyers Guide

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