April 5, 2020

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Five Top Features of a Fronius Inverter

Customers opting for a Fronius inverter are not only rewarded with a smart inverter that maximises yield, but also with the quality assurance of a company that has been leading the way since 1945. Future-proof comes as a standard, and that’s just the beginning.

1. Smarter – Fronius Datamanager

The Fronius SnapINverter range efficiently meets data communication and system monitoring needs. An integrated Datamanager ensures easy connection to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Keep an eye on your yield using your PC, smart phone or tablet.

The Fronius SnapINverter is Smart Grid ready, meeting the needs for an intelligent power grid.

2. Control – Energy Management

With an integrated energy management function, the Fronius SnapINverter can control the power flow directed to a specific electrical appliance (e.g. pool pump) based on the power production of the PV system. This automatic load shifting optimises self-consumption of generated solar power, fast tracking payback.

3. Export Limitation – Smart Meter

Cost effective, easy setup and dynamic power reduction to gain maximum energy and optimise self-consumption. The Fronius SnapINverter range* in conjunction with a Fronius Smart Meter can be configured to achieve a grid export limit from -10% to 100% of the system rating. The system just requires a SnapINverter with inbuilt Datamanager and a Fronius Smart Meter.

*Except the Fronius Symo Hybrid

4. Proactive Service – Detect Faults

Trained by Fronius, Fronius Service Partners (FSPs) can remotely monitor a PV system using Fronius Solar.web. In the event of a fault, FSPs receive instant notification so they can react immediately to ensure maximum up-time. FSPs have a reserve of spare parts ready to get a PV system back up and running with one trip to site, and thanks to Fronius monitoring capabilities FSPs can also assist with upgrading to a customised battery solution.

5. DC Isolator – Save Time and Cost

The integrated DC isolator is compliant with installation standard AS/NZS 5033*. No additional DC isolator adjacent to the inverter is required, which saves time and cost.

*Check the Fronius Australia website for technical data sheets outlining installation suitability.



With the SnapINverter product range, Fronius covers the entire spectrum of market requirements, from 1.5 to 27 kW. Whether for a single-family home or large photovoltaic (PV) system, the comprehensive SnapINverter portfolio contains the perfect device.

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