• Promotional graphic for electrical apprentices with a slogan, set against a background of solar panels.

    First Year Electrical Apprentices Soar at Penrith Solar Centre with Apprenticeship Australia 

    Ever wondered how young people become electricians? In this look at PSC’s apprentices, you’ll see it done well and correctly.

    March 27, 2024

  • Solar panels on the roof of a house.

    How To Get The Most Out Of Your Solar System

    Keep Track Of Your System With Consumption Monitoring With Enphase microinverters, you can monitor each panels’ individual performance through the Enphase Enlighten app. The app allows you to understand certain trends with your energy consumption and adapt habits that ensure that you are importing from the grid as little as possible. The Enlighten app also…

    May 29, 2023

  • Three tesla chargers are lined up against a wall.

    Why There Has Never Been a Better Time to Purchase a Home Battery.

    As the demand for sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions continues to rise, home battery storage has emerged as a game-changer for residents in Greater Western Sydney. Let’s explore the benefits of a home battery storage system tailored specifically for the Greater Western Sydney market. Home batteries offer a range of compelling benefits for homeowners. Firstly, they…

    May 22, 2023

  • An aerial view of an industrial building near a river.

    10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Penrith Solar Centre

    On its own, the decision to install a rooftop solar system is a big one. But, it's just as big a decision to find an installer that can do the job right, with quality products. The last thing you want is a dodgy installer putting cheap rubbish on your roof.At Penrith Solar Centre, our Clean…

    April 9, 2020

  • The sun is setting over a field of electricity pylons.

    Solar Feed-In Tariffs: How one phone call will save you $400 a year and maximise your return on investment

    Surely by now you would have heard the term ‘feed-in tariff’ get thrown around a bit. Whether you have rooftop solar system installed or not, it’s probably come up in conversation at work or among the chatter of other parents at your kids’ soccer practice. But, if you’re like most Australian homeowners, you have absolutely…

    March 12, 2020

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