Solar Inverters

solar inverters

Solar Inverters

The inverter is the crucial part of any solar power system but is often overlooked as it’s less visible than the solar panels on the roof.

It’s the smarts of the system, optimising constantly to ensure maximum energy efficiency. Unfortunately though it’s usually the first component to fail as it works harder than any other part of the system.

That’s why it’s vital to choose the right inverter – both in terms of the right brand and the right model to suit your system and needs.

The brands we choose to work with are Fronius and SolarEdge – two of the most highly-regarded inverters on the market.


fronius inverters

Fronius are widely thought of as the leading inverter brand on the market. Established in 1945 in Austria, Fronius now manufacture right here in Australia, producing the highest-quality inverters tailored for local conditions.


Optimisation is paramount in maximising your investment and Fronius inverters do not disappoint. They are devoted to maximising your self generated power and therefore reducing energy costs.

Efficiency of Fronius inverters averages 97-98%.


Fronius’ state of the art monitoring allows you to have full overview of your photovoltaic system and total control over its output and function – at home and on the road.


10 year product warranty, giving you piece of mind for the long run.

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solaredge inverters

SolarEdge are also one of the world’s most respected inverter manufacturers, founded in 2006.


The unrivalled optimisation of SolarEdge provides individual panel monitoring in each panel in your photovoltaic system, a great alternative for properties where shade impacts roof faces. The end result for customers is maximised power generation whilst lowering the cost of energy produced by solar PV systems.


Panel level motoring – the most in-depth system monitoring shows exactly what each panel is generating. Furthermore, enhanced maintenance systems and accurate troubleshooting ensure long-term performance.


12 year product warranty

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