Solar Panels

solar panels in penrith and the blue mountains

Solar Panels

All solar panels are not the same. They vary enormously in efficiency, output, build quality and longevity. You wouldn’t buy a no-name car, and solar panels are much the same.

That’s why our panels only come from Tier 1 manufacturers – established brands with proven track records, after-sales support and class-leading performance.

The best solar panels offer:

  • Performance – efficiency, power output, stability and long-term performance (minimal degradation over time)
  • Longevity – build quality, materials and ability to stand up to the elements from baking Penrith summers to freezing Blue Mountains winters
  • Warranty – not just the length of warranty, but the likelihood that the supplier will be around in 25 years to honour it
  • Appearance – let’s be honest, we want something that will look good on our roof!
  • Value – cheap usually means sacrifices in performance or quality. We choose panels that offer the best balance of performance, quality and price.

The two brands that best meet these criteria are Q Cells and Sunpower.


Q Cells

Q Cells panels
Q Cells are a Tier 1 panel company and one of the 5 largest manufacturers worldwide. They are a Korean-owned company with an R&D division in Germany employing over 200 engineers, making them one of the world’s foremost solar power innovators.

They are not a bargain-basement product, but neither are they unaffordable. We love that they offer our customers top-tier performance, extended warranty, great looks but most importantly, the peace of mind in knowing they will be powering your home reliably in 25 years time.

Why we use Q Cells

  • Performance: Q-Cells provide 305W panel output. Therefore, available roof space is able to be maximised in a very efficient way.
  • Extended Product Warranty: Q-Cells come with a 12 year product warranty. This is 20% greater than almost every other panel on the market.
  • Beautiful Sleek Design: Black cells and black frames – perfect for panels to blend seamlessly on your roof.
  • German Engineering: The highest standards in design, testing across the harshest environments, and production to ensure the final solar module is exceptional.


Q.ANTAM Technology

The rear surfaces of Q Cells Q.ANTUM solar cells are treated with a nano aluminium coating that functions much like a mirror. Sunlight that would otherwise go to waste is reflected back through the cell to generate more electricity. Laser-fired contacts complement the nano coating to enhance the module’s electrical properties, increasing its efficiency considerably.

Q Cells QAntum

Find out more about Q Cells here >



sunpower solar

When our customers want the ultimate in quality, efficiency, reliability and peace of mind, Sunpower panels are the go-to choice.

Sunpower make arguably the best solar panels on the planet (Spectrolab’s panels are acknowledged as the best but these are only for spacecraft and are made by Boeing – sorry!).

Based in Silicon Valley, they have been a global leader in solar for over 30 years.

Why we use Sunpower

  • Smarter Design: Sunpower panels eliminate 85% of the reasons conventional panels fail. They are designed and built to last.
  • Longest warranty on the market: A full 25 years on both the power output and the panel itself, including replacement of any faulty panels.
  • No-compromise materials & construction: Solid copper foundation adds strength, eliminates corrosion and reduces operating temperature.
  • Incredible efficiency: Better shade tolerance and temperature control produces 327W of power per panel, 38% more than conventional panels.

Sunpower Maxeon Solar Cell Technology

sunpower maxeon panel

Sunpower’s Maxeon solar cells are built to perform better and last longer, not built to meet a price point. This means they cost more than most (but not all) solar panels, but this cost is recouped over time through higher energy efficiency and lower cost of maintenance.

If you want the best and don’t want to compromise, Sunpower is the way to go.

Find out more about Sunpower Solar Panels here >

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