Fire Danger

Yesterday, we received a call from a lady who had the fire brigade at her house as they were attending to a small fire which was burning on top of her roof. 

She called us as the fire brigade passed on our number as we were their trusted call out team.

The fire was coming from one of her solar panels.

This was not a job we installed or had anything to do with but we knew we needed to go assist.

When we arrived and got on top the roof we found that this fire was caused completely from installer error.

The installation contractors who installed this disaster had wired this isolator (switch on the roof) in a way that a hot joint was able to develop causing the isolator to catch fire.

The scariest part about this whole story is that the lady who called was at her neighbours place and saw the smoke. If she hadn’t who knows how far this fire may have spread.

This story is not to scare and detract you from the thought of installing renewable energy on your home. It is to highlight that the installation company that puts these systems on your roof need to be of the highest quality.

So often, the sales company and the installation company are two seperate entities. Automatically, your quality control is compromised. 

Penrith Solar Centre prides itself on providing the start to finish solution for your solar needs. We do not subcontract our labour and only employ qualified electricians.

Find out why Penrith Solar Centre are devoted in providing our customers with the greatest renewable energy experience by calling 1800 20 29 30

Solar Fire Danger
Solar Fire Danger
Solar Fire Danger
Solar Fire Danger

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