Commercial Solar

A commercial solar system

Commercial Solar

At Penrith Solar Centre, we believe that investing in a commercial solar power system for your business is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a business owner.

Why? Let us tell you.

1. Hours of Operation:

In most cases, businesses operate in daylight hours. However, electricity bills are often crippling a business’ bottom line. Why not become self sufficient and consume what you generate?

2. Back up your business

For businesses that don’t stop when the sun goes down, batteries are now the solution to continue running on self-generated power all night long. Further, batteries give your business reassurance that if there was a power outage, you’re covered. What is the cost to your business from lost operation?

3. Maximise your return on investment

When sized properly to your needs, a commercial solar power system will deliver a very fast return on investment as you’re covering a large percentage of your energy demands. Plus, the other side to this is you’re paying a fraction of what you previously were.

We call that a huge double win!

4. Healthy government rebate

For systems less than 99kW, businesses are still able to claim the STC (Small-scale Technology Certificates) as part of the Federal Government’s incentive to encourage business to invest in renewable energy. The incentive greatly reduces the cost of your system.

You pay enough in tax, why not enjoy some coming back?

We’re leaders in commercial solar power across Penrith, Greater Western Sydney & the Blue Mountains.

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