Battery Storage

battery storage

Solar Battery Storage

Battery storage is the addition of one or more battery units to your home solar system to store excess energy produced by your solar panels during the day to be used at night when needed most. Battery storage has increased in demand dramatically over the past few years. This has been the result of huge technological advancements met with a rapidly decreasing price tag.

Whilst solar panels drastically reduce your power bills, they do have some limitations. Firstly any excess energy generated by your system is sent back to the grid at a fraction of the price you will later buy it back for. Secondly, when the sun goes down, your energy generation ceases for the day. Finally, in the case of a power outage, batteries ensure power continues to run through your house.

Batteries maximise the benefits of your solar system and provide greater independence from power outages and rising electricity prices.

Tesla Powerwall

tesla powerwallWe choose Tesla Powerwall as our battery storage solution of choice.

Why? Quite simply it’s the best solution on the market – a top-performing product at the right price – expandable, software-updateable, app-controllable and it happens to look fantastic on a wall, inside or out.

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tesla battery storage



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